When seven-year-old Grace Goode lost family dog Pepper she decided to raise money for a dogs rehoming charity, Dogs Walk this Way, in Pepper’s memory and to support dogs in need of a loving home.

She first completed a sponsored day-long read-a-thon, reading more than 60 books that featured a dog as a character.

The next day, with the help of school friends Evie Barnes and Freddy Woods, Grace held a fundraiser at the end of her driveway, selling homemade cakes, friendship bracelets they had made, sweet bags and dog treats. 

Thanks to Grace’s generous friends, family and neighbours, they raised over £300 from the two events. Then Evie collected more donations from her family and friends. 

The funds will buy much-needed items from the dogs charity’s wishlist.

Grace Goode and Evie Barnes
Grace, left, with Evie Barnes, who worked together to raise funds for a dogs' charity (Kate Goode)

Grace said: “I hope this helps lots of dogs in need while they wait for their forever home.” 

For more information, visit www.dogswalkthiswayrescue.com