The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dead snake was discovered and believed to have been set on fire in Aldershot.

A member of the public found the snake around 6am on Friday, March 8, on Wyndham Street near Manor Park.

Burnt snake remains discovered in Aldershot.

RSPCA inspector Jo Bowling is investigating for the animal welfare charity.

She said: “This was an incredibly sad discovery and it’s not clear if this snake was set on fire before or after they died. “The snake was partially burnt.

“We have received a picture taken at around six this morning showing the snake in a different position – we’d ask if anyone moved the snake to let us know. “It may well be that the snake was already dead and someone didn’t know how to dispose of the body.

“The best course of action would have been to take the snake to a vet. “Boa constrictors and other exotic animals can be expensive to keep and require specialist veterinary care, there’s more information on the RSPCA website.”

The inspector is asking anyone in the area with CCTV or ring doorbell footage if their systems picked up someone looking suspicious and possibly carrying a heavy black bag.

Anyone with information should call the inspectorate line on 0300 123 8018, quoting incident number 01232584.

If you suspect that any animal is being subjected to cruelty or neglect you should contact the RSPCA immediately.

Make sure you take note as many details as possible.

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