An album of humorous verses and drawings created in 1893 by Lucy Etheldred Broadwood, who incidentally has been credited with being one of the main influences of the British folk revival of her day, is part of the Surrey History Centre archive.

It includes her delightful verse about a creature she calls the Borradil, who delivers toys to “good girls and boys”.

Julian Pooley, heritage public services and engagement manager at Surrey Heritage, based at Surrey History Centre in Woking, explained that they were joined last summer by Jack Dradey, a history student at Royal Holloway College, University of London, for a short Internship.

Julian told me: “We asked him to write up short pieces about some of the amazing items that we have managed to acquire over the years with the support of Surrey History Trust, and he did a great job.”

Jack says in his write-up that Lucy Etheldred Broadwood created the album as a present to her mother Juliana Maria Broadwood in 1893, the year of her father’s death.

“Lucy Etheldred Broadwood was one of the founding members of the Folk-Song Society and editor of the Folk Song Journal and is credited with being one of the main influences of the British folk revival of her day,’’ Jack wrote.

‘‘This album containing drawings of ‘What happened to the boy who licked the chalks’ and the verses of ‘Of the Jabbernack’, illustrates Victorian folk song culture.

“The album is effective in showing us what the Victorians found humorous, as the illustrations include absurd caricatures. These were used by Victorian illustrators and are still used today where the illustrator can be extravagant and expressive in a humorous or even grotesque way. As we can see Broadwood has used the style of caricature in a humorous way.”

The album by Lucy Etheldred Broadwood is one of many items Surrey History Centre has acquired over the years with the support of Surrey History Trust.

Julian explained: “We rely very much on the trust in our work to rescue, preserve and celebrate Surrey’s written heritage. They act as our Friends organisation, and anyone can join them for an annual subscription of just £15.

“The money they raise can be drawn on by us to buy Surrey records and rare books when they come up for sale at auction or online, or to seed-fund some of our many projects.”

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