A GYM that teaches fitness through techniques of boxing and other combat sports has nearly doubled the number of classes it offers.

Class UFC Gym, in Woking town centre, is also offering the first month’s membership for £1 for anyone who joins before 31 January.

New classes include mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and kettlebell sessions. The gym is now open seven days a week, having recently opened its doors on Sundays.

“We offer Brazilian jujitsu where you are wrestling with another person,” said Dominique, part of the leadership team.

“It is a controlled environment with an instructor. You are not wrestling to beat someone up but are wrestling to get the movements correct.

“Our January offer to join for £1 for your first month is to encourage people to come on down. We give out a complimentary fitness assessment on everyone’s first visit. We can help determine what goals you’re working towards.”

Particularly popular classes are Hiit (high intensity interval training) and hybrid sessions, which combines techniques from all the fight training.

The gym opened in early 2020 and was closed for months at a time because of the pandemic. It has not only returned to pre-COVID normality, but has continued expanding its services.

Alongside the fitness training, it also offers normatec compression therapy, which helps reduce inflammation in the legs.

Dominique said that although the training is borrowed from the fighting world, the emphasis is on having fun while improving your fitness.

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