THE coronavirus crisis has seen a rocketing demand for the borough’s community meals service.

Last week alone saw more than 1,300 meal deliveries, a big increase compared to 818 this time last year, as Woking Borough Council ensures elderly and vulnerable residents are receiving daily hot meals.

“A balanced, nutritional diet is essential for maintaining good health, especially during these challenging times,” said Julie Meme, WBC’s home independence manager.

“The referrals-only service supports residents who are unable to prepare food themselves such as the elderly, frail and vulnerable. In addition, we are supporting residents who have been discharged early from hospital, meaning they can return home and help relieve pressure on the NHS.

“To support the increase in demand, our small team of dedicated kitchen staff and drivers have been boosted by council staff who have been redeployed from other parts the organisation, who are all doing a fantastic job. While demand has increased, it’s important to know that the service continues to have capacity to meet current and future demand,” she said.

“It has been so heart-warming to witness the community’s reaction to our service. Many of our team have received applause and thanks from neighbours as they go about their deliveries.”

The community meals service delivers a lunchtime hot meal with dessert, teatime meal and a breakfast pack for the following day, up to seven-days-a-week. Special dietary needs are also available such as gluten free, soft diet and Halal meal options.

To find out more and apply for community meals please visit or email [email protected]

Anyone wishing to volunteer their time to support vulnerable residents within their community are asked to register their interest by visiting the Volunteer Plus website at