A SIMPLE project to share and enjoy hand-painted art with the neighbourhood has proved a runaway success.

Rose (10) and Leo (7) Wyatt started the St John’s Village pebble train in mid-May. Since then, the array of brightly painted stones has been building up a head of steam as it continues to grow, sparking a first-class display of artistic endeavours.

“My two decided to put their pebbles down. We probably put down about 10 painted stones, and we left a little sign asking for people to add to the train with their pebbles,” said proud mum Victoria.

“There’s probably about 100 or more there, it’s amazing. People have put so much effort in. Every time the kids go past they look to see what’s new.

“It’s just a bit of fun really. It’s been really good to see more and more people interested in it.”

As for what will happen to the colourful pebble train, Victoria says they will need to think about it – but given the large amount of community involvement, it would be nice if the artwork could be gathered and displayed somewhere as an example of people’s creativity during lockdown.