A 4×4 driver ended up having a “rubbish” day when they tipped sideways after trying to undertake a bin lorry.

Waverley Borough Council released video footage on its social media channels showing a Biffa refuse collector going about their daily duties.

The video has since been removed at the request of the Biffa employee after it briefly went viral on the internet.

It showed the worker, dressed in their usual high-vis orange uniform, wheeling a brown bin to towards the back of a lorry.

Behind them, a determined 4×4 driver, keen to get around the stationary truck, decides they’ve had enough, and must carry on with their journey.

Undeterred by obstacles such as a lack of a road, they try to undertake the truck by mounting the kerb and driving on the grass -when things go predictably wrong.

Rather than shaving seconds off their journey time, their 4×4 slides down the verge and gets stuck on its side.

The incident took place opposite The Common in Cranleigh.

Posting on social media, a spokesperson for Waverley Borough Council said: “Next time you think about overtaking one of our refuse collection vehicles, please take care.

“As well as putting our Biffa crews (and others) at risk, you may find yourself with a hefty garage bill.

“Please be patient.”

The council offers a collection day checker service for those who want to know what days people leave their bins out – or when the lorries will be doing the rounds. You can also report a missed bin collection.