LOCAL personal trainer and triathlon coach Lucy Hurn has taken her coaching from the parks and pool side to YouTube to support people trying keep training and get fit during the coronavirus pandemic.

With face to face coaching no longer an option, Lucy’s one-woman coaching company, has instead embraced the virtual world. Lucy, 43, has launched a ‘turbo trainer’ plan for indoor cycling, accompanied by video coaching on YouTube, live strength, conditioning and coaching Q&A sessions on Facebook and Instagram Live and one-to-one coaching via Zoom.

“Almost as soon as lockdown was brought in, and certainly since they shut Box Hill where most local cyclists go, indoor cycling started to take off and more and more people were asking me for advice about how to add indoor cycling to their training,” she said.

“Cycling is a great option – just about anyone can do it, whether you want to maintain high levels of fitness or you're brand new to the whole thing. But whilst there’s been an explosion in turbo trainer sales, which allow you to turn your road bike into a stationary bike to train in the comfort of your own home, lots of people don’t know what they should do on them, or get bored after the first session.

“So I launched a plan with a difference. Rather than just telling people how long or how hard to cycle, the sessions are accompanied by video coaching, where I explain exactly what you need to do, from getting set up, through to technique and how to develop as a cyclist.

“I’ve had great feedback so far with clients saying the coaching means they almost forget that they’re training. And most importantly, they’re all telling me they’re getting fitter and faster.”

In normal times, Lucy, who lives in Woking, runs triathlon coaching company Feel Fit with Lucy. As well as coaching with local clubs Racestrong in Woking and Phoenix in Guilford, she writes training plans for athletes preparing for races such as an Ironman. While many of her clients are based in Surrey and the South East, she has clients as far afield as New York and Saudi Arabia.

A keen triathlete, having competed at the Triathlon World and European age-group championships, and coming top five in her age group in her most recent Ironman, Lucy recently started endurance bike racing, taking part in the Inaugural Trans Pyrenees Race, a seven-day, self-supported cycle race across the Pyrenees.

“I’m convinced exercise is vital, not only for healthy bodies, but healthy minds. So I set up weekly free, live, online home workouts. Doing the live workouts adds structure to people's day and brings people together as part of an online community. Many of my regulars say they look forward to the sessions as a way of connecting to the world, as well as making sure that they finish work on time! And if people want something more tailored than the free group workouts they can book a one to one session with me,” she said.

“And for me it’s been a steep but exciting learning curve. In the last month I’ve learnt how to run classes on Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Zoom and filmed and edited over 20 coaching videos for YouTube.”

Lucy is a qualified Level 3 Triathlon Coach, as well as a personal trainer. To find out more, visit www.feelfitwithlucy.co.uk or @feelfitwithlucy.