STAFF turnover at a Woking nursery impacted children’s learning and support leading to parents feeling “unsettled”, an Ofsted inspection found.

Bright Horizons Nursery in Guildford Road, Woking, was judged to require improvement in its overall effectiveness, quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, as well as leadership and management following its latest report.

Ofsted inspectors visited the nursery on December 13, and said the source of the nursery’s issues had been the many changes “to the staff and management team over the last few months” resulting in the new team not having the time “to develop their understanding of children’s learning and development requirements”.

Despite the changes children and babies were said to be happy, and the staff attentive and caring.

The inspectors said: “Partnerships with parents remains an ongoing area of review for the setting.

“Parents comment that they feel unsettled with the amount of recent changes to the staff team.

“The systems currently used to share information are not effective to ensure that all parents feel valued and part of their children’s progress and achievements.”

Bright Horizons receives funding to provide free early education for children aged three and four years, according to Ofsted. It has a staff of 10 to work with the children with a manager and deputy manager considered “extremely new to their leadership roles”.

A nursery spokesperson said: “Following the recent disappointing inspection judgement we have taken Ofsted’s feedback very seriously.

“Our priority as always is the wellbeing and education of the children in our care and our partnership with parents.

“We know that parents place a huge trust in us to do the best for their family and we are doing all we can, as a matter of urgency, to maintain their trust and confidence.

“We have a development plan underway at the nursery and are committed to delivering the quality of care and education that we can be proud of.

“We are heartened by positive comments within the inspection report but also mindful of the observations that have led to this overall rating.

“We are addressing these concerns as a matter of priority, and we have provided additional support to the nursery from our highly qualified early years specialists and regional team.”

Nurseries judged to be requiring improvement are usually revisited within a 12 month period.