Farnborough Airport’s Consultative Committee (FACC) is seeking a new chairman to hold the airport to account.

But campaigners have questioned the independence of the role, given the airport will select and pay the FACC’s new ‘chairman designate’.

The FACC is intended to be an independent forum that acts as a go-between for the airport, local authorities, communities and airport users.

It covers a range of topics including flight paths and noise pollution, and holds meetings three times per year.

However, the FACC has been criticised for not being independent enough of the airport, and its retiring chair Philip Riley has frequently clashed with members of the public.

A spokesman for the Farnborough Noise group said: “The airport is collating CVs, selecting the final candidate and paying the chair. So the long-term issue of a lack of independence will continue!”

Anyone is eligible to stand for the position. See https://www.farnboroughairport.com/community/airport-matters