“Once upon a time, there was a Hamlet named Heathrow in an area of farms, market gardens and orchards...”

Firstly, may I say I am not against anyone or group, however large or small, who stands up to challenge anything they have objections to. That is their democratic right and I salute them.

Knowing in advance of what I was going to read, I nonetheless opened the paper last week to have what I knew would be a quick read on the subject of the Farnborough Airport expansion regarding a questions-and-answers meeting between the public and the Farnborough Airport CEO Simon Geere. 

My read turned out to be quicker than quick, for two reasons gave the answer to the forthcoming end result. The first was the very bold heading: Farnborough lifts the lid on future.

The second was a quote by Mr Geere: “Why UK PLC needs the airport to expand.” 

There you have it, game, set and match.

Of course Mr Geere listened to the objectors, just as the countless numbers of people who have objected to the gradual expansion of Heathrow Airport over many years were listened to, but that was just a formality exercise.

The point has already been made that the owners of the airport and the passengers flying in and out are very rich people.

Yes, indeed they are, and we all know rich and powerful people will overcome any number of protesters who stand against them.

I live close to Farnborough Airport (as the crow flies) and have been saying for quite a few years that  one day, jumbo jets will be flying over here. Concorde was able to land there. The airport has a very large amount of land waiting to be developed.

By Winston Burrows

Coppice Close, Farnham