I was a Woking Lib Dem councillor in the 1990s and it was possible to foresee, even then, the way things were going with the council’s management. Woking’s councillors were always sycophantic to the officers.

To be constantly told by your party as a councillor, that “we have to support the officers on this”, did not go down well with me as I believed it was my duty to represent the people who had elected me and that required more than a cursory nod to the party.

For Will Forster, now virtue signalling that the Lib Dems are squeaky clean and new broom, when, in fact, they are as responsible for what has happened in Woking as every other councillor, is hypocritical in the extreme.  

Challenging policies and scrutinising the ideas of Mr Morgan and Mr Spinks, and questioning Tory councillors, is not what they did, and, as the opposition on the council, that is what they should have done.

Antonio Falco’s letter hit the nail on the head. My impression was that most Woking councillors were looking for political kudos rather than representing the public.

By Sandra Simkin