THE year-long bin night theatricals at a house in West End ended with a surreal finale.

Andrea Belcher – who has been donning fancy dress once a week since April 2020 to wheel out the rubbish or recycling in Bolding House Lane – involved husband Rob in the show for a second time.

Before Christmas, she dressed as a reindeer while he put on a Santa outfit. On Tuesday last week, Andrea was an equine in a bride’s gown, with Rob as newly wedded consort.

The happy couple are, of course, landlord and landlady of the Horse and Groom micropub in Chobham.

“It’s been a lot of fun cheering people up during the lockdowns,” said Andrea.

Andrea put together many of the costumes herself, but friends and family members have come to her aid, lending outfits as the year has gone on. As well as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and St Patrick’s Day were all commemorated.

During the year, the street has seen cartoon characters, film stars, fairy story characters and superheroes, along with fruit and veg such as a banana and an aubergine. Andrea’s antics have been featured on Sky TV and she has been interviewed on several radio station shows.

Photos of Andrea in her entertaining lockdown costumes can be seen via the binbusyandrea accounts on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.