JUDO instructors, running their classes online, are challenging parents to get off the sofa and join their children in the sport.

Fighting Fitness Judo Club, based in Woking, is holding six live classes a week using Facebook and Zoom with more than 200 children taking part. There are adult classes, including one exclusively for women, and the club is seeking to take on new members.

Sam Skillcorn, a former Commonwealth Games gold medal winner, runs the club with her husband Vince. She said she hoped enough new members would sign up so that a beginners’ class could be set up.

Sam said that parents have been joining their children in classes, with the youngsters enjoying seeing the adults trying to make the right moves.

“It is physical exercise for the whole body. You have to use balance, some strength and agility,” she said.

She said that discipline and looking after each other were two important aspects of judo.

“When we ran classes in community centres and in schools, the parents couldn’t believe there were 30 five-year-olds all doing what they were asked,” Sam added.

Classes for new members would be gentle and low-key and all the online classes had to be done with care because the students were at home.

Before the coronavirus lockdown, the club taught 650 children each week. Most are aged five to 12, with a strong teenage group as well as adults training once a week.

Sam said the online activities were expanding and she expected this to continue even during an easing of lockdown.

The club has introduced online weekly challenges, games, creative activities and educational links to supplement students’ judo knowledge.

 Classes with parents and children has recently been introduced,” said Sam. “They are having such a laugh. It’s a great way for parents to get off the sofa and do some fun exercise with their children.”

New members are being offered a £20 introductory fee for the first month.

For more information, visit www.fightingfitnessjudo.com or email [email protected].