ST DUNSTAN’S Church in Woking celebrated its patronal feast with an international Mass.

The Mass highlighted the diversity and unity of the church’s community, which is drawn from more than 75 nations.

All of those nations were represented at the Mass.

And what a great feast it was to the ears, eyes and, afterwards, the taste buds.

The ceremony began with young people greeting and welcoming everyone in various languages, these being a key part of the celebration, with readings, hymns and prayers offered in everything from Afrikaans to Swahili, as well as European and Far Eastern tongues. 

One particularly poignant moment was a scripture reading in Ukrainian.

Many people stepped out in their national costumes, which added colour and variety to the scene. 

The Polish and Filipino communities did an outstanding job in their bright and distinctive array.

African, Spanish and many other different styles from across the world were brought to life by their wearers!

Members of the African community presented the offertory in a large, reverently moving procession, singing in worship and joy, bringing forth traditional gifts, plus many woven baskets filled with fruits and other food.

Towards the end, there was a semi-classical Indian liturgical dance.  

Mass finished with a flurry of colour from costumes and waving flags. The whole event was  underpinned by lots of singing, with everyone in full voice.  

One family in the congregation wrote: “How much we enjoyed the international Mass. 

“It really was absolutely outstanding and wonderful to witness so many people from such diverse nationalities coming together.”

Of course, the celebration didn’t end there. Everyone transferred across the road to St Dunstan’s School, where hours of preparation by many expert cooks and caterers from among the churchgoers resulted in a cornucopia of foods from around the world.  

Suffice to say that all had a good time.