RED lived in a multi-animal home and has not had much handling or socialisation.

She can be nervous of new people and it can take her time to get to know people. She is going to need a quiet home that can help her come out of her shell in her own time and adopters who will have patience with her. Red needs to live in a quiet road.

Red is a sweet girl but needs a home that can help her be more confident and will need help adjusting to the home environment and all the things that happen day to day in the home, and to the big wide world.

Help Red find her forever home (Photo supplied)

This will take time, so adopters need to have time and have flexibility. Red will need house training and car travel training. She will need someone based at home and then once settled will need a slow build-up to being left. Red will need access to her own private secure garden with 6ft fencing for house training and off-lead play.

Red needs an experienced owner who will understand it will take time for her to adjust to a new home. Red could live with another neutered calm dog and will need sensible and continued socialisation with other dogs as she can be nervous at first. She can live with older children used to dogs.

Once Red knows you, she can become very playful, jumpy and active, so she will need a home that can provide her with plenty of exercise and mental enrichment. Once settled and a lot more confident, she would benefit from training classes and would be a great agility dog.

Red is a lovely girl and she will make a lovely addition to a new family. She needs a patient owner who will give her the time and love she needs to be more confident.

If you are interested in providing a home for Red, visit to complete an application form which will be emailed automatically to Millbrook. 

Remember, though, that application does not guarantee adoption.