A FITNESS company is tailoring its approach to reach out and help people stay active and healthy at home.

Be Military Fit (BMF) are using the Zoom app, which has become very popular for work video-conferencing since lockdowns were imposed. Rather than home working, BMF are using it for home workouts.

“We have purposefully gone for a workout with two-way communication, because as an instructor you will be taking people through an exercise, talking it up, making sure they know what is needed – but it’s important you can then step back and encourage people, watch out and correct any poor technique, that sort of thing,” said Matt Jones, who is running the Woking area franchise.

“It’s important to have that two-way communication. It allows a bit of banter, which is part of what makes the outdoor sessions so special, and means you can help push each other through a session and make it as close to feeling you’re out in the park with an instructor as possible.”

BMF has built its reputation as an outdoors fitness service, a group activity in local parks. Matt had a planned series of classes due to be launching at several local venues, but which have all had to be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“The recent spring sunshine would have been perfect to encourage people outdoors,” he said. “But fitness, wherever you are, is still important. A lot of exercises in the park are about working in pairs or groups, but there is still plenty of stuff that can be done as an individual.

“We still want to keep people active and healthy but we’re doing it inside now. It’s important to keep people fit and well, it’s also good for people’s mental health. Each class is a chance to let off some steam, while also offering a bit of routine to someone’s day when there’s so much uncertainty at the moment.”

For more details, contact Matt at [email protected] or call 07860-922341.

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