Dear Editor,

I FULLY appreciate that the postal workers have a grievance and are striking as a consequence on certain days.

I also appreciate that it's Christmas and the volume of post is obviously far greater – but it seems that some areas of Goldsworth Park have become no-post zones.

I live in Bainton Mead and we've only had one delivery in nearly two-and-a-half weeks. What on earth is going on?

I see Royal Mail vans and posties in other areas on non strike days, so expect to receive post. But none appears, and I know this is common for much of the surrounding area.

At this time of year, in particular, many people are waiting for cards and presents but this is now becoming extremely frustrating.

So please, Royal Mail, can you get delivering to what seems to be the forgotten areas of Goldsworth Park as soon as possible.

Phill Boylett, Goldsworth Park.

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