FATHER Christmas and a team of his elves called at a garage in St John’s for a fundraising event that provided free barbecue food and gifts for visitors.

The village’s branch of Chequers Cars was collecting donations for the Brightest Star and Christopher’s Smile charities. The first supports bereaved families and the second aims to improve the lives of children who have cancer.

‘‘Chequers Cars would like to profusely thank all those who braved the cold to come down to our St John’s site to see Santa and his elves,” said company manager director Chris Roach, speaking of the event on Friday 9 December.

“It was a fantastic turnout and highly rewarding to engage with the local community who support us. As a family run business it is genuinely appreciated.

“A big thank you is also owed to all those who generously donated to a charity close to our hearts, Brightest Star, which helps children and families cope with bereavement, and Christopher’s Smile. Every donation helped and we raised a fantastic total on the night.

“Chequers have always delighted in community engagement and we guarantee there’s plenty more to come.”