A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help charities and community groups increase their capacity for frozen food.

FareShare Sussex & Surrey want to feed more people who are experiencing hunger and food poverty. The charity hopes to raise £20,000 to enable ten of its partner charities and community groups to take more frozen and chilled surplus food, so it can be given to those struggling to afford to eat.

CEO Dan Slatter said: “We can take large amounts of chilled and frozen produce which would otherwise go to waste.

“Last year, we supplied 66 charities and community groups with 43 tonnes of frozen food. Thanks to our new Surrey warehouse, we have tripled our capacity to redistribute frozen food so we can provide urgent support to those who are suffering from food insecurity in areas of Surrey that are often overlooked.

“We know it’s expensive for charities and community groups to invest in their own commercial equipment. Which is why we’re launching this campaign to help ten of our partner charities and groups accept more frozen items.”

Money raised will support charities and community groups in the two counties, including purchasing more fridges, freezers and temperature tracking equipment and providing relevant training for volunteers and staff.

Project coordinator at Knaphill Community Fridge Jules Hopkins commented: “Our visitors are delighted to receive frozen food which they can pop in their own freezer to use another day. It also expands the variety of food in the diet.

“The occasional frozen ready meal or pizza can save the day for a busy family, or a bag of frozen vegetables can add balance to the diet - the more food that can be saved from going to waste is a winner for the environment."

To donate to the campaign, visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/fsss-frozen