Since my last diary I have attended no less than 13 events! An unlucky number for some but not for me. I have had a wonderful time meeting many interesting and inspiring members of our community doing great work to improve the lives of others.

For example, to mark World Homeless Day, the Mayoress and I attended the Beyond Stereotypes photography exhibition at the Surrey History Centre, supported by the York Road Project. 

It provided a powerful insight into the lives and stories of those experiencing homelessness in Woking and I am very grateful for the invaluable support York Road Project offers this community.

The following day I had the honour of officially opening the refurbished community centre in Old Woking,  a fine example of what can be achieved in partnership. 

I was particularly impressed with the modern classroom facilities and the measures that have been taken to make it an accessible and inclusive learning environment.

I also had the honour of welcoming guests and stallholders to the Woking Voluntary Sector Fair at Woking Leisure Centre. 

I had the opportunity to speak to many of the organisations that support people and communities in Woking and thank them for the difference they make.

From one lively and colourful event to another, later that same day, I joined Woking’s Diwali parade. There was entertainment and music and everyone had a great time.

The Remembrance events that followed were quieter but hugely poignant and well attended. It is very moving to observe a large crowd fall silent out of respect for those who sacrificed their tomorrow for our today and to remember that there are people across the globe whose futures are still under threat.

Afterwards, there were invitations to annual general meetings, Boccia tournaments, commemorative events and some events outside the borough to promote Woking and support the activities of other Surrey Mayors. And at this time of year, there is of course the switching on of the Christmas lights!

The Byfleet Village event was expertly organised by Jean Smith, chair of Byfleet Amenities Group, and supported by local businesses.

 I’m now looking forward to the festive events in Sheerwater (December 8).

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