A PROFESSIONALLY narrated production is to be the debut film to be shown in the new planetarium at The Winston Churchill School in St John’s.

Audiences will be treated to an immersive, digital full-dome show, created by a team of top media producers using scientific visualisation techniques.

The film, Dynamic Earth depicts the inner workings of the Earth’s climate and atmosphere by following a trail of energy originating from the Sun.

Presented by a former pupil who studied astronomy at the school, Matt Elliott, the main feature will be supported by a presentation on the night sky in March, showing the interactive features of the planetarium.

Surround sound speakers and images projected on to the 180-degree dome will conjure up a unique experience during an enjoyable and informative evening.

Each session will be limited to 20 persons and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Dynamic Earth will be shown at 6.30pm and 7.45pm on Friday 22 and Wednesday 27 March and at 2pm and 3.15pm on Saturday 6 April.

Tickets, at £5 per person, can only be purchased in advance from www.wcsc.org.uk/planetarium.