A MYSTERY was solved at Bisley Primary School when a friendly dragon arrived to take part in some special assemblies.

The discovery of an ancient-looking book in the school grounds had excited pupils – but they were puzzled by its blank pages. Sol the dragon arrived recently to reveal the secret content.

The creature came with teachers from a company called Teach Rex, which brings mythical tales to life in schools. A special light was shone on the book’s pages to uncover its story during COVID-safe year group assemblies.

It was the tale of Sol being found as a baby after his mother was slain, and how he grew up and protected the villagers who helped him.

“The children loved having visitors back in the school,” said headteacher Clare McConnell. “Teach Rex also brought a baby Sol with them, which we took to our nursery department to ensure they were included.

“They used baby Sol to start with for the younger children, to introduce the dragon. This meant that they were not scared when they met the full-size Sol. Teach Rex are brilliant, creative and imaginative teachers.”

Teach Rex is run by Sam Bryan and Joseph Parsonage, who were not able to use techniques such as green-screen technology to involve children in creating and filming a story because of pandemic restrictions. The school hopes to invite them back soon to stage the complete experience.