Are you a student thinking ahead? Or do you just have no idea what you want to do when you finish school? Whatever the question, The Winston Churchill School’s careers fair could hold the answer. 

On Wednesday, November 15, the school in St John's is hosting its annual career fair and is opening its doors wide to welcome employers, employees, colleges, universities, training companies and apprenticeship providers, from across as many industries as possible.  

Through the event, the school hopes to demonstrate to students career pathways and new and exciting possibilities that they may not have considered. The event will run for the school day, with an attendance of approximately 1,000 students, aged 12 to 16.

Anyone who wants to take part in the event as an exhibitor, hear more information about the event, or can help the school by speaking to students about the work they do, should email Lara Smyth at [email protected]

The school is also running its Year 10 work experience week from July 15, 2024. Anyone who can provide work experience during that week, is asked to email the same address.