A  fundraising concert for the Fiery Bird and Phoenix Cultural Centre has raised more than £1,300 to help towards expense caused by a burglary at its Goldsworth Road site.

The Monday Night Club, who use the Woking town centre facilities, presented 21 acts, including musicians, bands, singers and readers in front of a full-house of more than 100 at Lancaster Hall in Send.

Highlights included the theme from Ghostbusters by Ed Hodgson on the guitar with enthusiastic vocal support from the audience and Dene Stuart providing a very wide range of genres on guitar with a Santana number followed by Nessun Dorma.

Husband and wife guitar and saxophone duo, Bob and Marion Rawlings were joined for a couple of Sinatra style swing numbers by Paul Webster.

Elaine McGinty, the Phoenix CEO, with her partner Joe Buckley on guitar, sang a deeply-felt Public Money, reflecting the many battles the community arts group have had with some hostile elements in the local authorities over the years.

Speaking after the show, Elaine said: “Thanks to a group of our regulars who organised and performed a wonderful fundraiser event tonight to help us after the recent break-in we suffered.

“It was truly magical. The thing about the Monday Night Club is that it is exactly one of the things we set up the venture for. To have people come in, gain confidence and then start to run things themselves.

“That can only strengthen our community in so many ways, beyond music and performance. Thanks for all your support.”