St Hugh of Lincoln School in St John’s recently came together for a commendable initiative: a local area litter-pick.

The event, organised by the primary school's eco-committee, aimed to promote environmental awareness and community responsibility among children while contributing to the cleanliness of their surroundings.   This was undertaken as part of the 2024 Keep Britain Tidy Campaign.

Armed with gloves, bags, and a determination to make a difference, Mr Davies, Mrs Stevens, Mr Trussler and 13 members of the eco team fanned out across the designated area, which included nearby bus stops and other public spaces.

The litter-pick not only served as a practical activity but also as a valuable educational experience, highlighting the impact of littering on wildlife, ecosystems, and overall quality of life. 

For the children, this event was more than just picking up litter; it was a lesson in environmental stewardship and civic duty. They learned about the importance of reducing waste, recycling properly, and respecting public spaces. Such hands-on experiences complement classroom learning and instil values that extend beyond school grounds. 

Head of school Mrs Grace expressed pride in the students' initiative and emphasised the school's commitment to fostering responsible citizenship and environmental consciousness.

Events such as the local area litter-pick not only benefit the immediate surroundings but also sow seeds for a future generation that values sustainability and community engagement. St Hugh of Lincoln School sets a shining example of how schools can inspire meaningful action and make a tangible impact on local communities. 

Just how much importance St Hugh of Lincoln School attaches to the environment can be appreciated from its badge and mission statement, which notes: ”The swan is there to remind us of St Hugh, whose love and gentleness tamed a wild swan who followed him around and was his constant companion.”

St Hugh of Lincoln
A job well done: the team can be proud of helping to clean up their area (St Hugh of Lincoln)
St Hugh of Lincoln
Pupils are a study in concentration despite the gloomy weather (St Hugh of Lincoln)
St Hugh of Lincoln
It's in the bag: some litter is successfully tidied up (St Hugh of Lincoln)
St Hugh of Lincoln
Can do attitude: a pupil already has something to show for his efforts (St Hugh of Lincoln)