South Downs National Park Authority is offering cash grants to help more people access the South Downs National Park for its mental health and wellbeing benefits.

The grant scheme has been launched ahead of Mental Health Week in May with Community Transport Sussex to provide a minibus service to and from the National Park.

Travel grants of up to £250 are available to cover transport costs for community groups wishing to organise trips to the South Downs.

Winchester Hill in Hampshire
(South Downs National Park)

The Health and Wellbeing Travel Grants are particularly aimed at communities on the urban fringes across Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey that may not have had access to the national park before and might struggle with transport costs.

Health and wellbeing officer for the South Downs, Kate Drake, said: “National Parks are part of the nation’s support system for health and wellbeing and research shows that as little as two hours per week outdoors can be beneficial to one’s health and quality of life.”