VACCINATION jabs for residents and staff at a Woking care home were celebrated with an impromptu party.

Having received 24 hours’ notice that the NHS vaccination team were on their way, the team at Greys Residential swung into action and prepared a clinic in the dining area.

“This meant COVID-testing all residents and staff beforehand and preparing a safe clinical area with social distancing and a 15-minute post-jab observation area,” said owner Jo Kennedy.

At 2pm on Sunday 21 January, the NHS team arrived.

“Within two hours, 20 staff and 20 residents had been 'jabbed' and our chef, Susan, made a syringe-shaped cake to celebrate,” said Jo.

“An impromptu party followed with the manager, Simone, cracking open the bubbly and music and celebrations followed. Staff members Tammy, Sophie, Sara and Shannon made flags and banners.

“We are so proud of the Greys family: everyone was keen to support taking the vaccine. With everyone protected, we look forward to our second dose soon and getting life back to normal soon after that,” she added.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank our hard-working team who have been so dedicated to our residents through a brutal year: this is the first step towards a hopeful future where we can stop living in fear. Our residents were the heroes of 1945, and our staff are the heroes of 2020.”