Tuesday, October 24 marked 20 years since the last commercial flight of Concorde, an occasion when three Concordes landed at London Heathrow airport in quick succession. 

To celebrate the anniversary, Brooklands Museum hosted the largest gathering of former Concorde staff in the UK, from former pilots and past cabin crew to flight engineers. 

The group stood under the Brooklands Concorde, G-BBDG, inspired by the image of senior flight officer Jonathan Napier and captain Mike Bannister leaning out of the windows of Concorde 20 years earlier. 

At five minutes past four, the time of the Concordes memorably landing at Heathrow in 2003, the Concorde nose, which was left operational, was lowered in front of an excited crowd. 

This event marked the start of Brooklands Museum’s celebrations of Concorde, which will include social media interviews with people involved in the final flights and an event on November 26 (the date of the final flight) which is already sold out.