A BYFLEET beauty therapist is giving online workshops to her clients who are struggling with the coronavirus lockdown.

Laura Foreman has been running her Relaxation Station salon from her home for about 13 years after working at a private health club.

Laura said the idea of running a weekly online programme came after discussions with her clients.

“Some have been having a really hard time and I really want to ensure they know I can still offer my support,” Laura said.

She began The Sunday Series with blogs, video tips, free product sample care packs and phone calls to the most isolated and vulnerable. 

“I have previously run several workshops and wellness programmes, so during the stress of change we are facing it seemed best to provide a new relevant programme.

“Each week has a different topic focus from posture, skincare, eye strain, socialising and sleep. It is a gentle and informative reminder of how we can look after ourselves.”

Laura has also created a virtual facial kit and skin care service that are available on the Zoom conferencing app.

“Skin care is a passion of mine and I have had many clients asking about changes they are seeing. This interactive service will now allow us to connect and discuss their concerns, plus I can teach them things they can do at home to help.”

Laura said other salons are also offering online services and big companies, such as the Leatherhead-based skin care brand Dermalogica, have been offering training to therapists about measures they need to take when the lockdown is eased. 

She said the communication with her clients was part of her emphasis on promoting general wellbeing.

“It was scary for me to hear the amount of anxiety my customers were suffering. I have known a lot of them for years and it is more like a friendship. The programme is more about helping people to take care of themselves,” Laura said.

For more information, visit https://www.rsbylaura.co.uk/.