FIRE engine enthusiast Alan Greenwood found himself in the thick of the re-creation of a wartime bombing scene when he hired one of his appliances to a film company.

Alan’s 1934 turntable ladder plays a part in scenes from Blitz, a Second World War drama written and directed by Steve McQueen.

The Albion fire engine, part of Alan’s collection of vintage vehicles at his own fire station at Mimbridge in Chobham, is typical of the appliances used to fight the huge fires caused by the bombing of London during the war.

Alan took it to Chatham Dockyard in Kent, where a film set featuring warehouses set on fire by bomb explosions was built.

Dressed as a wartime fireman, he operated the Albion’s 75ft ladder as a jet of water was aimed from the top into a huge inferno.

Firefighters from London Fire Brigade were recruited to wear 1940s uniforms to battle the blazes.

Woking-born singer-songwriter Paul Weller, one of the founders of The Jam pop group, has his first speaking part as an actor in Blitz.

The film, telling the story of a family affected by the bombing raids, also stars Saoirse Ronan, Harrison Dickinson, Erin Kellyman, Stephen Graham and Kathy Burke.

Alan, whose daytime job is running his funeral directors company, said: “The bombing scenes were incredibly realistic, with massive fires and explosions and thousands of gallons of water being pumped on to the flames.

“It was an experience that showed what firefighters had to endure during the Blitz on London.”