Being involved in community radio means I get to meet some interesting people both local to Woking on Radio Woking and through my work at the Sunnybank Trust.

I get to hear inspirational stories and meet amazing people working through their own challenges to do what they want to do.

Sport is a great example of this. Through our inclusive  cricket team at the Sunnybank Trust  I have seen the positive impact of sport within the disability and learning disability community. Not just the obvious health benefits of exercise but the mental health benefits are well documented. There are also the life skills that can be learnt like working as a team, confidence and making friendships. 

These benefits were really evident at the World Disability Billiards & Snooker open day and tournament which took place over a weekend at Woking Snooker Centre. 

I had previously interviewed Bob Hill of World Disability Billiards & Snooker and was keen to attend the open day to capture people’s stories for radio. It was inspirational to see how disability was no barrier when it comes to getting involved. 

I spoke to many people who had come to Woking from all over the country and abroad to take part. I was hearing the same message again and again; it’s like a community and they really look forward to seeing familiar faces at these events which WDBS put on. 

The Friday was the open day where the community were encouraged to come and have a go at snooker. 

I met a group from Surrey Choices in Camberley who were keen to have their first experience  at a snooker table following many years of playing pool in their local pub. I also met two friends,  Warren and Mike, who came from Bournemouth to take part.  They told me how they developed their friendship through a mutual love of snooker, and for Mike in particular who is autistic, it has encouraged him to socialise and build his confidence. It was a really inspirational morning at Woking Snooker Centre and shows that when it comes to sport there are so many benefits beyond the game, it can really transform lives and that is just amazing to see.

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