I noticed this week that the evenings are staying lighter for longer and when I walk to the Radio Woking studios for my 7am breakfast show it is now light and more people are about walking their dog or going for a run. I often get overtaken by early morning joggers and admire how they can get themselves motivated to do that rather than, as I would hit the snooze button.

I followed with interest Surrey's newest tourist attraction – the M25 bridge going into Byfleet. Following the first ever day time complete closure of the motorway we were left with an eerie view of an empty road and the bridge was the focal point for the media during the closure, I heard stories of news helicopters flying over and even people posting selfies with the travel journalist Simon Calder who was there at one point.

We were warned that the closure would lead to Carmageddon, we were told stay at home, not to travel unless we had to. The media were warning us of hours of delays on the diversion route.

Reading this bleak picture nearly put me off going to the Tesco in Brooklands to get some shopping and to pop into Home Bargains (to buy some random stuff I never knew I needed and probably don't) Curiosity got the better of me and after reading on social media later in the day it was pretty quiet on the route we decided to brave it, and let's just say the panic and mayhem that was predicted was nowhere to be seen. There were a few confused looking lorry drivers forced to drive through Byfleet and West Byfleet but other than that it was plain sailing and I even persuaded my partner Emma, who was in the passenger seat to snap a souvenir photo of the empty M25 as we drove over. It felt like witnessing history, seeing it empty as even during lockdown there were some vehicles on the motorway.

People in Byfleet remarked on social media how nice it was not to be woken up by the traffic noise as they normally would. Let's hope the next series of planned closures later this year go as well as this one, with the road opening hours ahead of schedule

As soon as the Monday rush hour came round the M25 was back to its usual charming self and the empty road was a distant memory.

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