There may be a new journalist in the editor’s chair, but one thing hasn’t changed – the News & Mail is YOUR newspaper.

We wouldn’t be here without your support, and for that we are very grateful – and will never take it for granted.

Previous editor Mark Miseldine leaves with our thanks and very best wishes, as he embarks on new career adventures. He has been a great ambassador for our papers and a big supporter of our communities.

That, I promise, won’t change. We will continue to fight for the ordinary man and woman, to hold those in power to account, and to campaign fearlessly when we feel we need to get involved.

But we need your help.

We need you to tell us what is happening in your communities. We can’t be in every town and village – so we need YOU to be our eyes and ears too.

That means telling us about things you have discovered that those in power want to be kept quiet.

It also means flying the flag for your neighbourhoods. Is there a big community event coming up? Have you been to a fete, flower show, quiz or charity event that deserves extra publicity? If so, get in touch. Send us an email and, if you can, include photographs and perhaps a video that we can use on our highly-popular websites.

We are here for YOU – and we want to publicise what is happening in your neck of the woods.

You will see a few changes to the paper this week. All your old favourites will remain, but extra features will appear in the coming weeks too.

On pages 12 and 13, you’ll see a new Clubs & Societies feature. This is for you to send reports, previews and photographs of your local organisations, so you can tell the wider public what you have been up to. Rotary clubs, Lions, Probus clubs, WIs... over to you!

And if we are not printing something we should, please let me know. We are YOUR paper – we are here for you. Please get in touch.

Colin Channon (editor)