CARDS fans are ensuring that the club’s exploits are known to as many people as possible as the Vanarama National League season reaches it finale. 

In an initiative to raise the club’s profile, a statement on their website said: “Following on from discussion on popular fans’ forum Cardsboard, we are pleased to share plans on how supporters can further support and promote the club. 

“We thank supporters who are willing to give up their time to leaflet, put up posters, share posts on social media, and generally raise the profile of the club as we approach an exciting and important part of the season.”

Daniel O’Sullivan, Woking’s press officer, told the News & Mail: “It’s a massive end to the season. 

“And because the boys have done so well on the pitch, we’re in a position where we could have something very exciting to look forward to by reaching the play-offs. It’s about that little extra push. It’s about getting new people supporting the club, or aware that we’re here, from perhaps further afield.

“We’ve had fans coming into the club to get these posters to go and distribute them, and we’ve had people go to different community boards in the area and put them up on there. 

“Having that extra hand gives us such a big boost. 

“Thank you to the fans for supporting us, on behalf of everybody at the club. Please keep supporting us. 

“We’ve got six big matches left. Three of those are at home. Get behind us in any way you can. Come and help us leaflet, come and help us poster. 

“Come and share what fixtures we’ve got left – and hopefully we can have a really strong end to the season.”

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