A MENOPAUSE discussion and support group is expanding to cover a broader range of topics around women’s wellbeing.

The Menopower Café has been running for more than a year at Two Ducks Store in St John’s as part of an international network of Menopause Cafés aimed at increasing awareness of the impact of the menopause.

Claire Leigh, the owner of Two Ducks, who has been running Menopower Café, has now been joined by Rhian Coward, from Essence Garden Studio in St John’s, and Emma Martin of Emma Martin Mindfulness to organise the renamed Soul Café.

Claire said the group will continue meeting monthly at Two Ducks with speakers and discussion but will now include subjects such as: mindfulness; sleep problems; parenting teenagers and caring for elderly parents;  love and intimacy; diet and exercise; and tips on being more environmentally friendly.

Rhian said she, Claire and Emma had realised that the women who want to attend the group were not all affected by the menopause.

“So we thought we’d open it up and make it a safe community where women can listen to specialists talk about different subjects which are affecting them, whatever their age and stage of life,” Rhian said.

Claire said the first Soul Café event – Mindfulness for our mood – is tomorrow, Wednesday 19 April, with Emma Martin.

For more information, visit https://two-ducks.co.uk/pages/events.