Sara's mother and grandmother have revealed Sara was so badly bruised they could barely recognise her in the mortuary.

Sara's mother, Olga Sharif, said: "One of her cheeks was swollen and the other side was bruised.

"Even now, when I close my eyes I can see what my baby looked like.

"They had dressed her in Mickey Mouse pyjamas, and she had a quilt over her, but no mother should see something like that." 

Sara's grandmother, Sylwia Kurz, said: "It wasn't Sara. She was entirely changed, and bruised.

"If someone hadn’t told me it was Sara, I wouldn’t have believed it."  

Speaking in a TV interview with Polish television programme Uwaga! Olga Sharif said she had separated from Urfan Sharif in 2015.

Olga explained that originally Sara and her older brother had lived with her, but in 2019 the family court determined they should live with their father.

At that time, Olga had equal rights. She said it was easy to maintain at first but as time went on visiting her children became increasingly difficult.

Sara Sharif lived with her father, Urfan Sharif, his partner Beinash Batool and her five brothers and sisters in a Woking residence in Horsell.

Mr Sharif, 41, Ms Batool, 29, and his brother, Faisal Malik, 28, are believed to have left England for Islamabad on August 9, the day before Sara's body was discovered on August 10.

According to Surrey Police, they left with five children aged between one and 13-years-old.

Sara’s grandfather has told the BBC the girl’s death was an “accident” and three family members who left the UK for Pakistan will “ultimately” return to face police questioning.

Police are still seeking Mr Sharif, Ms Batool and his brother, Faisal Malik for questioning.