A VERSION of Alice in Wonderland with a modern flavour is coming to the stage in the next production by Woking Youth Theatre.

The multi-media musical show at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre will feature costumes with a steampunk flavour and “no fluffy rabbit ears in sight”, according to the production team.

The adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic story is being directed by Aly Duff, her first for WYT.

Aly said: “I wanted to capture the essence of the true story of Alice in Wonderland and try to find new ways to do something a little different using technology.

“The story remains the same but how it’s presented is new and exciting.

“The team that have put this together is really quite exceptional and I am really honoured how they have given their time and expertise.

“I have loved telling the story and I really hope people enjoy how WYT has decided to tell our version.”

Alice will be played by Millie Reina (pictured with group above), who joined WYT in 2019 and was Blousey Brown in the group’s production of Bugsy Malone last year. Other cast members will include Freddie Austin as the White Rabbit, Alex Hazelton as the Mad Hatter, Fern Curtis as the Cheshire Cat and Lettie Hazelton as the Queen of Hearts.

Lighting and sound have been designed by WYT members George Binney and Erin Harrison, who will operate the technical side during the run.

Aly was the choreographer for Bugsy Malone and was part of WYT founded in 1983 by David Hawksworth that won numerous drama festival awards, including second place in the National Youth Finals in 1992.

The group folded in 2005 when David became seriously ill. He died in 2015.

Four years later, former member Bruce Hazelton revived the group which has put on two big musicals, two film projects acted and crewed by the members, and five Woking Drama Festival entries.

Bruce said: “This inclusive theatre group draws together young people from a wide range of local schools and colleges.

“It encourages collaboration between members of all ages with the younger cast learning from the more experienced, older performers.”

Alice in Wonderland will be at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre from 5 to 8 April. Tickets cost from £18 and can be bought at www.atgtickets.com/shows/