DOES anyone recall Pullinger’s bakery shop in Chertsey Road, Woking, and its second establishment on Knaphill High Street?

John Pullinger has been in contact to say that he has lately become embroiled in his family history and refers to a story featured in Peeps into the Past in August 2020.

There, reader John Brook recalled Woking town centre in the 1960s, saying: “From the Albion Hotel down Chertsey Road was Glosters hardware store, near Pullinger’s the bakers, on down to the white and blue striped sunblind of Mac Fisheries, next to Helene ladies’ fashion shop.”

An old trade directory of Woking from the 1960s gives Pullinger’s address as 10 Chertsey Road, and it also contains the advertisement shown here. John wonders if there are any other photos of the shop and he would also love to hear if people have any memories of it.

There are also two photos from the collection we have of Woking town centre in the mid-1960s.

Picture 1 is looking up Chertsey Road towards the railway station, and picture 2 is a view looking down the same side of the road but towards the other end.

There is plenty of interest in these two images. Shops and premises that can be seen in the first photo are Lasletts, Midland Bank and the Central Stores. Is the shop with the sunshade extended F Pullinger Ltd?

In the second photo you can see a wool shop, then Pearsons, Mayhill (what did they both sell?), and Baxters (a butchers?).

Among the hanging signs, there’s one for a licensed betting office, a restaurant, and one for Hovis –perhaps another baker’s shop?

I’m sure readers will be able to add some details and perhaps memories of the cars too.

Of his family history, John Pullinger writes: “The name Pullinger is distinctive and not common. It is a derivative of Boulangere, which was anglicised by the Huguenot refugees fleeing the massacres in France circa 1572 to 1680.

“There is an old shop in Farnham named Pullinger’s, which was established circa 1843 by William Pullinger. He was a baker, but the business collapsed in 1875.

“It was resurrected by George Pullinger as a bookshop/stationers, then sold on in 1993 and is now an art supply shop, still called Pullinger’s.

“The shop is still at 109 West Street, and there are two more recent branches at Kingston upon Thames and Epsom.

“George Pullinger’s brother, Frederick, a baker by trade, opened his own bakery in Farnham, and later established the bakers/confectionery shop in Woking.

“It seems to have been a well-known focal point of Woking, and was still trading in 1964 and probably later.”

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* DAVID ROSE is a local historian and writer who specialises in what he calls ‘the history within living memory’ of people, places and events in the west Surrey area covering towns such as Woking and Guildford. He collects old photos and memorabilia relating to the area and the subject, and regularly gives illustrated local history talks to groups and societies. For enquiries and bookings, please phone or email him at [email protected].