SUNDAY is International Dawn Chorus Day. What started in the 1980s as a small event in Birmingham is now celebrated all over the world on the first weekend in May.

From March to July, many birds start singing as each new day breaks. Although birds sing at any time of day, it’s at dawn around this time of year that they sing louder, livelier, and more often.

This is the dawn chorus, a fantastic feature of the mating season, which can start as early as 4am and can last several hours.

Some people head for open spaces to experience it. But most people can tune in to the dawn chorus without even leaving their home.

Set your alarm to get up early, open a window, grab a cuppa and listen out as the birds perform. It’s a magical orchestra of bird song.

Visit the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website,, to find out more and identify the bird songs that you hear.