A MASS dance routine was just part of the learning fun for pupils at The Hermitage and The Oak Tree schools.

Pupils at both Knaphill schools had a Feeling Good Week, aiming to equip the students with positive approaches to cope with life’s challenges.

The theme for the week was “Let’s Connect” – interacting is important for wellbeing, and primary schools encourage pupils to articulate their feelings and to be able to talk about their emotions, whether between themselves, parents or teachers.

Nutrition was another part of the week, with school menus including healthy food from around the world as part of an “eat well to feel better” philosopy. Pupils were also encouraged to share their jokes, as laughter is the best medicine.

The week concluded with a special whole-school flash-mob event.

LET'S DANCE – Pupils from both schools in action. (Len Walker)

Pupils learned a dance routine to accompany Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off – a song which promotes self-acceptance and shaking off negative thoughts. Nine-year-old Alexi enjoyed learning the dance routine as it “was exercise and made me feel happy”.

Year 4 Teacher Mrs Amelia Westwood said: “Human connection is key to positive mental health, and dance benefits physical, emotional and cognitive health.

“This is why both of our schools decided to learn and perform a dance together.

“The pupils have had a lot of fun learning the routine and it’s inspired them to dance as part of looking after their mental wellbeing.”