Passion. Love. Crime. Murder. The notorious story of Bonnie and Clyde which gripped 1930s America at the height of the Great Depression is brought to electrifying life in this exciting musical being performed by Woking Youth Theatre (WYT) next month.

Bonnie & Clyde will be at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre from April 10 to 13.

Bonnie Parker is just 19 when she meets 21-year-old Clyde Barrow. Craving excitement and fame, this is the start of their passionate, violent and ultimately brief life together as the most renowned folk heroes of the time.

Bonnie & Clyde comes on the heels of director and WYT chairman Bruce Hazelton’s acclaimed exclusive stage production of Reservoir Dogs last November.

“Our members are maturing and now have lots of performance experience,” Bruce said. “Bonnie & Clyde is without doubt shaping up to be our best musical yet.”

Bonnie is played by Lettie Hazelton and Clyde by Lukas Duncan, both original members of Woking Youth Theatre when it was relaunched in 2019. Buck, Clyde’s brother, is played by Alex Hazelton, who has also been with WYT from the start, and his wife, Blanche, is played by Maddie McClements, who joined in December.

Other cast members include Jove Morrison as Ted Hinton, Luke Turner as Sheriff Schmid and Amelie Cosnett as Emma Parker.

Woking Youth Theatre was founded in 1983 by David Hawksworth. It won numerous drama festival awards, including second in the 1992 National Youth Finals. The group continued until 2005 when David became ill. He died in 2015.

Bruce’s passion to relaunch Woking Youth Theatre was realised in 2019 and its first workshop was held in March of that year. Five years on, the current members have enjoyed some fantastic opportunities.  From their first musical, Little Shop of Horrors, to Bugsy Malone and Alice in Wonderland, and last year’s production of Reservoir Dogs, they are still going strong. 

Bruce added: “This inclusive theatre group draws together young people from a wide range of local schools and colleges. It encourages collaboration between members of all ages with the younger cast learning from the more experienced performers.

“It’s wonderful to watch transformative effect on our members’ confidence and mental wellbeing, which is ultimately what WYT is all about."

For anyone interested in joining, visit WYT by attending a free workshop: just fill out a visitor form on the WYT website