A vigil organised by West Surrey Palestine Solidarity Campaign (WSPSC) was held in Mercia Walk, Woking, on Sunday (October 29). 

Police put the attendance at the peaceful protest at 80.

“WSPSC does not agree with the killing of Israeli citizens and taking of hostages, but the response of Israel to the [Hamas] attack is disproportionate and the revenge attacks on the people of Gaza are unacceptable,” said Patrick Lonergan of WSPSC.

“WSPSC is horrified at the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine since October 7 and wish to see an end to all violence against civilians.  

“WSPSC is calling for an immediate ceasefire and a lifting of the siege on Gaza so that humanitarian aid can reach the beleaguered population.”

A spokesperson for North West Surrey Synagogue said: “There has been a long, friendly and positive relationship between the many religious and ethnic groups within West Surrey. 

“Although we are bound to have different opinions based on our historic experiences, we believe all segments of our community are entitled to express their views so long as these remain peaceful and within the law. We pray for a peaceful resolution.”