REMEMBRANCE Day, when we commemorate those who have died in any conflict, may be just once a year but it’s people like Eddie Jones, who runs The Trench Experience charity, who ensure that memories of Armistice Day and the Great War are remembered all year round.

The charity’s shops have been a familiar feature in Woking town centre over the years. The Trench Experience has now opened at Ash Road on Barnsbury Estate, open to the public every Thursday or by appointment at other times during the week.

Eddie, a retired book dealer from Brighton who relocated to Brookwood, served in the Army Reserves with the Special Forces and formed his charity 15 years ago with the aim of creating a First World War education centre.

“The object of The Trench Experience is to educate the public in relation to the sacrifice of soldiers in The Great War 1914-1918 and to show what happened on the ‘Home Front’,” he said.

“Of course, we specialise in items from the First World War, but people come to us who are interested in militaria and Army surplus.”

He also welcomes donations of kit and equipment but adds that they are also keen to collect war stories from Woking residents for possible inclusion in the Woking at War Exhibition the charity is working on for display at its Brookwood Cemetery head office.

“Visitors to our shop on Thursdays often chat about their families’ military history over a cup of coffee,” said Eddie.

“We are especially interested to hear about Woking’s two Home Guard units.”