A TALENTED florist stepped in to save the Woking Lions Club’s intitiative that will bring cheer to people who will be on their own at Christmas.

The Lions’ festive wreath master classes had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, tutor Jamie Ri has been supplying DIY kits for people to assemble at home.

The St John’s-based florist has raised £550 towards the fund to buy treats for people who would be attending the Lions’ Christmas Day lunch in a “normal” year.

Club member Nella Pastore said: “Our annual lunch has had to be cancelled so on Christmas Day we are delivering goody bags to residents who will be receiving meals on wheels and others who are on their own.

“Jamie’s contribution to our funds is invaluable, with the purchase of every wreath or Christmas decoration making a significant contribution.”

The wreath kits, which include items such as pine and holly foliage, pinecones, dried fruit slices, ribbons and cinnamon sticks, are being delivered this week. They cost £40, which covers the cost of the materials and a contribution to the Lions.

“It was a shame that we had to cancel the classes, which 30 people had booked for,” said Jamie, who has a workshop at her home. “There was a lot of interest, and the kits have sold out, so I’m planning to run classes next Christmas to raise money for the Lions.

“People have also said they are interested in making Easter decorations and I’m also thinking of running classes for making those.”

For anyone who is making their own Christmas wreath this year and missed the chance to buy one of Jamie’s kits, there is a festive decorations tutorial on her flowersbyjamie Instagram page.