Dance Woking’s first series of 2024 dance platforms celebrated the charity's 30 years of producing creative experiences.

Yolanda Newsome, from Boy Blue, the UK’s most celebrated hip-hop dance theatre company, inspired dancers with a workshop and a guest appearance.

In a series of street and urban dance-inspired platforms at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, 198 dancers, from 19 community and school groups took to the stage.

The platform series included Woking SLAM, and Surrey Schools SLAM for schools and colleges.

Five school groups were joined by three community dance groups, creating an eclectic and dynamic showcase of dance.

School groups developed their work in after-school clubs with a Dance Woking artist over a period of eight weeks.

Some 93 students took part from Westfield Primary School, Beaufort Primary School, the Park School and Trumps Green Infant School, from Virginia Water, alongside guest groups Vital Signz, Dance Woking’s Eastwood Dance Club and Stagecoach Woking.

Woking SLAM brought together dance schools from across the county with 105 dancers from 11 groups taking to the stage.

Dance Woking's artistic director, Sam McCaffrey, said: “This year has been one of change for the charity as the trustees have to make some hard decisions about the future after the loss of regular funding.

“The way we operate is unsustainable. However, we have secured support to run a summer outreach programme, leading to a series of local dance platforms.

“If you would like to perform, please check out our website, we would be delighted to hear from dance schools and school groups with the first platform on June 2.

“We continue to pursue new opportunities so if you’d like to get in touch please contact us through”

Set-up in 1994, Dance Woking is an innovative dance organisation that provides accessible opportunities to watch, perform and take part in dance.

Alexandra Dance Company
Alexandra Dance Company (Submitted)
The Park School
The Park School (Submitted)
Trumps Green Infants School
Trumps Green Infants School (Submitted)
HSDC Lil Fresh
HSDC Lil Fresh (Submitted)
Eastwood Dance
Eastwood Dance (Submitted)
 Vital Signz
Vital Signz (Submitted)
Dance Phaze Company
Dance Phaze Company (Submitted)
LDA XLNC (Submitted)
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