A Chobham charity that supports needy people is being reported to the Charity Commission over its failure to acknowledge the nomination of a new trustee.

The proposed trustee, put forward for a place on the Chobham Poor Allotment board by Chobham Parish Council in May, says he is insulted by the charity’s attitude towards him.

Cllr Christopher Rowbotham told the council’s November meeting that the charity had asked him to send it his CV and he had done that. “I have heard nothing from them, which I find discourteous,” he added.

“I can’t understand why they wanted to see my CV, as I know most of the trustees. I have had no response at all since I sent it.”

Cllr Rowbotham, a chartered accountant and management consultant, was nominated to replace former parish councillor Edward Bentall on the charity’s board. 

Four of the trustees are usually put forward by Chobham and West End parish councils. They are not representatives of the nominating bodies and must be approved by the existing trustees.

On a proposal by Cllr Emma Kennedy, a majority of the Chobham councillors voted to report the conduct of Chobham Poor Allotment to the Charity Commission. The commission is the regulator for charities in England and Wales, with “holding charities to account” and “dealing with wrongdoing and harm” among its purposes.

Cllr Rowbotham withdrew his acceptance of the council’s nomination and Cllr Amy Moqbel was voted to replace him as its proposed trustee.

Chobham Poor Allotment charity operates in the “ancient parish of Chobham”. This includes West End, which got its own parish council in 1968.

The charity’s main aim is to help people in need through grants to individuals and vouchers that can be spent in local shops. It also gives money to community organisations and other charities and owns allotments for growing vegetables and fruit, which it rents out at nominal cost.

Organisations that received grants in 2021-22 included Woking Hospice, Citizens Advice Surrey Heath, Chobham Museum, Holy Trinity Church, West End and the Hope Hub at Camberley. In the 2021-22 financial year, the charity gave out a total of £10,087 to organisations, £8,375 in vouchers and £3,937 to individuals. Its gross income for the year of £51,230 came mainly from investment income, allotment rents and licence fees.

Asked why the charity had asked for Cllr Rowbotham’s CV and had not responded to his nomination, a spokesman said: “The charity was not present at the Chobham Parish Council meeting and therefore considers it inappropriate to comment on a discussion at which it was neither present nor a party to.”