Grass blocking sight lines where A32 traffic meets the A31 at the Chawton roundabout has finally been cut – a day after the Herald highlighted it to Hampshire County Council.

We took the above photo last Thursday and sent it to the council on Sunday. The grass was mown before the Monday evening rush hour.

We asked the council if this was scheduled before we sent the picture but have not yet received a reply.

Grass height on the A31 has been a hot topic since a crash at the Hen and Chicken junction at Froyle on June 7 which killed a 79-year-old man driving a low-slung vintage sports car.

Heidi Richardson said she reported the Hen and Chicken grass to the council on May 30, a week before the crash, and Maysie May added: “The council need to take ownership for this collision as it appears the height of the grass was a major factor.”

Cllr Nick Adams-King, the executive member for highways and transport, said it was “very important at this early stage that we do not speculate”.