DONATIONS to a humanitarian aid charity are pouring into its hub at Fairoaks Airport, where up to 70 volunteers are sorting and packing items that are being driven in vans to Ukraine.

The organisation, Souls4Good, began operating from the homes of its two founders and has turned into a large-scale community operation supported by people across Surrey.

Tamarka Egan and Sam Baczkowski, who both live in the Chobham area, began by asking friends and family members for donations they could send out to help Ukrainian refugees.

Now they are regularly filling a hangar at the aerodrome that can house 30 small aircraft and have sent 15 van-loads of supplies to the town of Ternopil in the last month.

“Since the start of the war in Ukraine we have been collecting humanitarian aid for people who were either unable to leave the country or who have decided to stay to fight the Russian aggressor,” said Tamarka, who is half-Polish.

Sam, who is Polish, has lived in Ukraine and has long-term links with people in Ternopil. He contacted them to arrange for the donations to be received and distributed to refugees.

Tamarka added: “We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of the aid we have received and have been able to send out regular transports directly to Ukraine.

“The local communities of all nationalities of Woking, Chobham, Horsell, Merrow, Guildford and even as far away as Alton have gone beyond the call of duty in providing funds, and huge donations of food, medical supplies, toiletries and clothing.”

The charity now particularly needs money to buy the fuel and ferry tickets for the donated vans to make the 2,640-mile return trip to Ukraine. More drivers willing to make the potentially hazardous journey are also required.

“For the supplies, we have enough clothing but are asking for food in ring-pull cans that can be eaten without having to cook it,” said Tamarka. “Medical supplies are also urgently needed in Ukraine, to treat both the military and civilians who have been injured.”

The Ukrainian authorities have also asked for fuel-driven water pumps, generators, torches and power banks.

“There is no electricity in many places that have been flooded, so fuel-driven pumps are much-needed to pump water away and for firefighting.”

Tamarka said she and Sam were grateful to Airport Development Partners and Fairoaks Operations Ltd for donating the hanger space and to the dozens of organisations, businesses, sports clubs and schools that are supporting the appeal.

“Listing the support organisations might mean some are left out, as we are grateful to them all,” said Tamarka. “But we must mention Woking District Rotary Club, who have been unfailing in their support and guidance in liaising with the local authorities.

“Our collection points are manned by some amazing volunteers and we have some wonderful people acting as co-ordinators at Fairoaks.”

The charity is crowdfunding to raise £5,000 towards its transport costs. To donate, visit

Regular updates on its operation and the latest requirements for donations are posted on its Facebook page -

THE Souls4Good aid hub cannot receive donations directly. The charity asks that supplies are taken to its collection points at:

* St Mary’s Church, Church Hill, Horsell GU21 4QQ – open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.

* SDB Aluminium Glazing, 39 Windsor Road, Chobham GU24 8LD – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.

* St John the Evangelist Church, 222 Epsom Road, Merrow GU4 7AA – Monday to Friday 9.15am to 5pm.

* Wiola and Ania, 20 and 22 Bladon Close, Guildford GU1 1TY – Monday to Friday 4pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 8pm