IF YOU enjoyed the opening programme of Sir David Attenborough’s Wild Isles series yesterday evening, stand by to be entranced by the wildlife of Brookwood Cemetery in the next episode on Sunday.

The flagship BBC One documentary opened to rave reviews - “unmissable” and “spectacular” were just two of the adjectives celebrating the first episode - and now Brookwood gets its chance to wow viewers.

“The filming was done over two years,” said Lucy Talbot, community engagement officer at Brookwood.

“They first came in 2021 and were particularly interested in our roe deer. The team returned for about three weeks in April and early May last year, when the deer were giving birth – I seemed to spend a lot of time out looking for a pregnant deer they could film.

“On the second visit they also seemed just as interested in our beautiful woodland surroundings. It was as though they’d looked at the first year’s work and thought ‘We must get more of such a lovely place’.

“They were great, obviously sensitive to working with nature, you’d have hardly known they were here. They came early in the morning, and some of the footage, sunlight slanting through the trees, was just fabulous. The team let me have a sneak preview of what they had shot!

“The team did have this huge vehicle with a camera mounting on the front, a dome, which kept the camera stable no matter how much the vehicle moved.”

According to the BBC, film crews visited more than 145 locations over three years to bring the series to the screen.

For Sir David, 96, the series is a look at nature in the British Isles after a lifetime travelling the world making wildlife documentaries.

While Brookwood is looking forward to reaching a wider audience, it is asking that those persuaded by Wild Isles to pay a visit should be respectful.

“It is a pivotal time with the deer about to give birth,” Lucy added. “They can be nervous and it is important that they don’t get stressed.

“Remember, too, that we have mourners here seeking quiet and time to reflect.

“We do encourage people to come and enjoy our grounds and wildlife, but could anyone wishing to take photographs within Brookwood Cemetery call the cemetery offices on 01483 472222 or email [email protected].” 

Wild Isles airs on BBC One at 7pm on Sunday 19 March.